Jacinta Mulders          

Jacinta Mulders is a writer and former lawyer. Her work has been published in 3:AM Magazine, Griffith ReviewThe Florida Review, OysterThe Lifted Brow Review of Books, Meanjin, Australian Book Review and elsewhere.
She has an MA in Creative Writing (Prose Fiction) from the University of East Anglia, granted under full scholarship. She is working on multiple projects—namely, short stories, essays that interrogate culture and cultural forms, and food memoir. 

She was a 2019 participant in The Stinging Fly Summer School and has written and performed collaborative poetry with The Enemies Project, curated by SJ Fowler.

Prior to becoming more involved in writing, Jacinta worked as a lawyer in private commercial practice and as a research assistant in international law and human rights law at Australian National University. She has taught law to undergraduate students in Australia. 

selected work